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The First Big Time Ch. 02

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The further adventures of Chris O’Dell

Lover of large women

During my 18th summer Kim taught me so much, I was falling in love with her more and more and dreading the start of collage. I told my parents that I was going to be working later every night and made excuses about going out with friends so I could spend more time with Kim.

My parents were just happy that I was working and that I seemed happy, they had no idea that every night after we finished our work Kim and I were making all my fantasies come true. We had sex in my glen, and late one night we even had sex on the porch with her leaning over the railing and me pounding into her from behind.

We did nearly everything I had imagined, and I never wanted it to stop.

Finally a week before I was suppose to leave for NCU I told Kim I did not want to go, that I wanted to stay with her, that I could transfer to the state collage nearby and be honest with everyone and move in with her. I thought she would be happy but she seemed almost mad at me.

“How could you think of passing up a chance to play football for NCU and to get a degree that will make your life so much easier? Do you want to dig ditches for the rest of your life?” she demanded.

“Kim I love you, don’t you understand?” I pleaded with her.

“I love you too Chris, but I won’t stand in your way, ever. I married the first man I ever cared about, he was older then me, and he was my only lover. I loved him Chris but I regretted that I never went to collage, I never had other lovers, I never want you to have those regrets.”

We talked for hours and she finally told me she didn’t want anyone but me but that she wanted me to go to NCU and experiment, she told me she wanted me to have other lovers, to be safe, to be happy, but to try new things. She told me she would wait for me, that my job and my place in her life was assured but only if I would promise to try new stuff.

“Who knows you might come back and teach me a thing or two.” she said.

I finally gave in only cause I knew how stubborn she could be and the fact that I knew my parents would freak out if I gave up university much less to live with an older woman. In our small town that kind of scandal could ruin Kim’s life and maybe her business. I prayed that she would really wait for me and that I believed I would feel the same for her no matter what.

I told Kim I planned to marry her a week after I got my degree and she told me she would consider it seriously and would hold me to my promise to have at least one new lover a year until then.

I couldn’t believe she meant it, I mean if she loved me wouldn’t the idea of me with another woman drive her as crazy as the idea of her with another man drove me?

Kim finally told me that she would call me once a week if I wanted and that she wanted only one thing from me, I was to tell her everything that happened, including all the details of any lover I got.

I was shocked at first and then I remembered how hot Kim would get when I told her of my fantasies of her, how she would make me tell her in detail all the things we would do in them and how she would then enact them as much as we could. Maybe the idea of hearing about my sex life turned her on.

The last night before I left we had sex non-stop for hours, we did everything to each other we had ever done and then I got the shock of my life.

Kim was on top of me, riding me for the third time and she began to talk. “Oh Chris, I want you to learn everything you can, I want you to find a lover different from me, find a younger one, hell find an older one, smaller or bigger or whatever. Tell me about it, tell me how you fuck her, how she sucks you and how she tastes.”

Kim began to ride me harder and get really wild, pulling on her own nipples as I played with her tummy and kneaded it. Suddenly I knew my thought about Kim getting turned on by the idea of me telling her about my sex life was true.

I started to talk to Kim about the other types of woman I had seen on the internet, how I had found a BBW community and seen other women. I told her how she was everything I ever wanted but that I had wondered what it would be like to fuck a short little plumper and a woman even bigger then her 300 pounds. I kept telling her how she was always in my mind but how I had wondered about this one model and I asked Kim what she imagined me doing to the model who was in her 30s maybe and about 200 pounds.

Kim bounced harder on me and started to tell me how she imagined me bending the woman over the back of the couch, something Kim loved, and spanking her ass, something I had never done to Kim. She told me how she thought of me holding the woman down with my big hand on her back as she squirmed with each spanking and then fucking her from behind without any other foreplay. How I would just shove it into the woman and how she would love it.

Kim began to thrash as she talked and I reached between us and teased her clit, I had barely touched it and she began to cum all over me. Her orgasm pushed me over the edge for the third time that night and I came inside of her.

After she collapsed on me I rolled her over and cuddled with her, whispering in her ear how I would do what she wanted but she had to realize that I would always only have her in my heart. I wondered if she would ever want me to treat her the way she fantasized about the model but I knew it would be until Thanksgiving break before I would be able to get any time with her and that she had made me promise to try to find a lover by then.

I was lucky that I got a small dorm room to myself, the kind where 4 small bedrooms share a center study room and that I had my own phone. Since I was a computer science major I had my own computer hooked up to the school’s internet server. This was 10 years ago and not as many students had their own computers, so the school had tons of computer labs that were always crowded. The only times I had to spend in them was when I was working with a group on a project or when I was helping tutor one of my teammates. I was only a second string freshman player and if I could have gotten a full ride scholarship as a computer geek I would have done it but at least I was able to help a lot of the guys out with their computer work.

The first two months of school where divided between school, football and talking to Kim once a week and I did not meet any women I wanted to be with until the first week of November.

I had seen Jody around campus quite a bit, she was a year ahead of me, maybe 5’3 and probably 220 with decent sized boobs that only seemed small to me in comparison to Kim’s huge breasts. I probably would have gone after Jody since I thought her body was hot except for one thing. She scared me to death.

Jody was an art major, a punk rocker and pretty much made it clear she hated football and all sports. She would wear torn up tights under mid-thigh miniskirts and big baggy t-shirts she silk screened herself with weird sayings and logos on them as well as a huge leather jacket with weird patches and studs all over it.

It wasn’t until I was in the computer lab in the art building helping Jon Mayner, the quarterback, with one of his assignments that I had a chance to talk to her. We had chosen that lab because it was open until 2 am and was usually pretty empty. Around midnight I got Jon on the right track and was getting ready to leave when I noticed Jody was having a hard time with her computer and that the lab tech had gone out for one of his many cigarette breaks of the night. I stopped off and offered to help her.

“Your on the football team right? What do you know about computers anyway?” she sneered at me.

“Well considering it is my major and I tutor the entire freaking team on a regular basis and the lab tech will be gone at least 20 minutes I am your best hope.” I said calmly.

“Ok sorry, but this is driving me nuts and I have to finish it by noon tomorrow or get an F for the first half of the class.” She sounded a lot calmer and there was just a little bit of pleading in her voice so I sat next to her and showed her how to first make her computer stop locking up and then we began to work on her assignment. I didn’t even notice when Jon left or that it had gotten to be almost 2 am. I was just enjoying the sight of her plump legs in those stockings and how the rip in her t-shirt showed off her surprisingly good cleavage.

Finally we were half way done with her assignment when the Lab tech flashed the lights on and off as a sign to get our stuff and get out.

Jody began to panic at the idea that she would not finish the assignment so I took a chance and invited her to come use my computer, I told her we could be done in an hour if she was willing to work in my room and then all she had to do was print it off in the lab.

I couldn’t believe it when she said OK.

We went back to my room and due the to lack of space we were sitting right next to each other, my leg against hers. I could smell what I guessed was paint on her and I spent a bit too much of my time looking at her while she worked on the assignment. She was so different than Kim it blew my mind a bit that I could be attracted to her, she was shorter, smaller and had short spiky blond hair with streaks of blue and red in it.

Finally around 3am we finished Jody’s assignment and she shocked me by turning to me and grabbing me and giving me a huge kiss on the mouth. I should have let go but I grabbed her back and kissed the second woman of my life.

That was when I realized that her tongue was pierced. Her kisses were so different from Kim’s sensual slow kisses, Jody’s were hard and slightly brutal and shockingly arousing.

I thought I should be doing something, I should touch her or take this farther when I realized that she had started to pull my shirt out of my pants and started and was unbuttoning it without ever stopping kissing me. So I did the one thing I could and returned the favor and started pulling off her t-shirt.

She broke the kiss and I thought she would be mad but she pulled her shirt off over her head and grabbed me and pulled me up. That summer I had finally grown an inch over six foot and I was nearly a foot taller then her and wondered what it would be like to kiss a woman so much shorter than me but she never gave me a chance. She pushed me against the door to my room and dropped to her knees, undoing my belt as she kneeled there.

I was shocked, Kim had gone down on me so many times, in so many places, but she had never nearly ripped my pants in the process. Jody released my hard cock and took most of it in her mouth without any of the licking and kissing of it I had become use to with Kim. Part of me missed the teasing of Kim’s mouth and part of me was so hot at Jody’s wildness and the feel of the barbell on her tongue nearly drove me insane. I felt the nub of it running up and down my cock and she sucked hard and deep. I reached down and grabbed her short spiky hair in both hands and did something I had never done to Kim, I began to fuck Jody’s face as if it was her pussy. I was sure I would make her gag at any time and that she would get mad and stop but she just kept sucking hard and running that tongue up and down my cock.

I pulled her head towards me, slamming my cock over and over into her greedy mouth and then I felt her groaning around me so I slowed down thinking I was hurting her. She didn’t seem to like that so she grabbed my ass and started to bob her head harder and faster. I finally realized she was getting off on it so I grabbed the back of her head and started to pound myself against her face.

I thought about Kim and how she should have been the one with her mouth around my cock and I almost felt mad for a moment, Kim had pushed me into this and here I was feeling a mixture of guilt and passion and it mixed together into a little bit of anger and for the first time in my life I was anything less then gentle with a woman. I wanted to fuck Jody’s face til she gagged, I wanted to fuck her hard.

I wanted to fuck all my anger, all my guilt away.

So I grabbed Jody by the hair and pulled her up and grabbed one of her tits and gave it a twist. “I am going to fuck you, I am going to fuck you and if you don’t want it you better fucking tell me now cause I am not stopping otherwise.” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth.

“Fuck me.” she growled at me. “Fuck me now.”

I wanted to fuck her right there and then but something made me think for a second and I grabbed a condom out of the bedside table and handed it to her. “Put that on me now.” I demanded.

She didn’t say a word but grabbed me and got the condom on me so fast my head was spinning.

I grabbed Jody and picked her up, I could tell that she was shocked by how easy it was for me to lift her up and toss her onto my bed. Before she had even stopped bouncing I was on her, pulling her to the edge of the bed and reaching between her legs. Something about those torn tights she wore had always attracted my eyes and now I realized that she was not wearing any panties under the black mesh. I don’t know what came over me but I pushed her hands away as she reached down to pull them off and put my hand between her legs.

I could feel how wet she was as my fingers pushed the mesh into her pussy which I could see was totally hairless, then I did something that shocked me and seemed to turn Jody on. I ripped a hole in the crotch of her panties, first just one of my fingers broke through the mesh but then I found myself ripping them away and exposing her cunt to my fingers.

I grabbed her ankles, still in her boots, and spread her legs wide and slammed myself into her mercilessly. I had never fucked anyone in aggression and yet with Jody it seemed so right, she was eating it up like candy.

“Pound me you fucking jock.” she demanded. “Pound my fucking cunt.”

Her foul language had me even hotter and I began to pound her as hard as I could, I was tearing her pussy apart, enjoying the feel of her tights covered legs against my chest. Part of me wanted to get off and just ignore her needs but Kim had taught me better than that.

“Play with your clit, I want to see you play with yourself like a slut.” I said. Where were these words coming from? I had never talked to anyone like that in my life.

Jody reached down past her medium sized pot belly that was so much firmer, and to me less appealing than Kim’s soft full belly, and began to massage her clit.

I continued to fuck her mercilessly, pounding away at her tight cunt, when I felt her start to cum. I started to pound her even harder until she stopped cumming and then I let myself go, I came with all the pent up energy of not having sex other than a once a week phone session with Kim for two months. I came and came and nearly fainted from it.

I let go of her feet and pulled myself out of her and stumbled back into a chair, realizing that I had not even gotten my pants, much less my shoes, off.

Jody lay there a moment and stretched, then jumped up and grabbed her bra from the floor and pulled her shirt on. I was sure she would be mad at how I had used her body but she was grinning.

“Wow for a jock you are pretty punk rock when it comes to sex.” she said. I wasn’t totally sure what that meant but I figured it was a compliment since she gave me one more hard, passionate kiss and then grabbed the computer disc with her assignment and her jacket and backpack and headed out he door without a backward glance.

I sat there for a while in shock, and then pulled on my pants and headed for the communal shower I shared with the other guys in my suite. I scrubbed every inch of me for about 20 minutes, thinking about what had happened and not sure what I thought about it.

I headed back to my room and realized it was nearly 5am, Kim would be getting up at 5:30. I had this sudden need to call her even if it meant waking her up.

I lay on the bed and waited until I heard Kim’s sleepy voice on the phone.

“I finally did it Kim, I fucked someone.” I confessed.

For a minute there was silence and I was sure she would hang up on me and never speak to me again after that.

“Tell me about it baby.” Her voice was soft and sensual.

I lay there telling Kim about Jody, how they were different and how much better Kim was to me but how the wild sex with Jody had been so intense.

Kim asked question after question and her voice got huskier and huskier until I realized how turned on she was.

“Are you touching yourself Kim? Does the idea of me grudge fucking a plump young punk rocker make you hot?” I asked as I began to stroke my now hard cock, the idea of Kim stroking her clit had me hotter than anything I had described to her.

“Oh yes baby, I am so fucking hot, tell me more about it, how did the tongue ring feel, did you like it?” I could hear how breathless she was and it got me even hotter.

I continued to tell her in ever greater detail everything and then I heard her start to moan and groan and I knew she was cumming and I could not stop myself from cumming yet again.

We told each other we loved each other just as much now as before and I lay there after wiping myself up and thought about how much I wanted Kim. Suddenly I had to get up and go look at the internet for something.

I finally found the site I was looking for and ordered 3 pairs of black tights in Kim’s size to be delivered to her house before I got home for Thanksgiving break. I would only have five days but I had a feeling I would be able to tear my way through at least a pair or two in that time.