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The First Big Time Ch. 03


I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving break, it was only 5 days but I hadn’t seen Kim in months and even though our phone calls were amazing I wanted to be with her more than anything. Kim had gotten the tights I had sent to her and she had told me in detail how they were so tight and snug on her and how her thighs really bulged in them. I remembered all the times I had seen Kim in tank tops that were super snug and I got hot just listening to her, I told her I would love to see her in the tights, a super tight tank top and a little tight mini skirt that was so tight she could barely sit in it. She laughed and told me she would have to see about getting her sewing machine out of the closet and see what she could do.

I told my family I would make the six hour trip on Wednesday and see them around one or two in the afternoon, but I really left school after my last class on Tuesday and got to Kim’s house around 9pm. I hated lying to my family but if they knew I was dating our neighbor who was 8 years older then me and a widow they would freak. To them I was still a kid and I was not willing to risk Kim’s reputation in our small town.

Kim had told me to park in the garage and come in to the house, that she would have a surprise waiting for me.

As I walked through the doors I saw Kim standing in front of me wearing the black tights I had sent her, high heels and man’s white undershirt that was so tight and so thin that I could see every wonderful roll and dimple of her belly and amazing chest. The shirt was so tight that she had had to cut a notch in the neckline to make it spread enough to cover her boobs. She must have been wearing a bra that was too small also because her huge boobs were flowing over the top of it. But it was the skirt that blew my mind.

Kim had made a little black skirt out of some kind of stretchy knit that was so tight on her that it clung to ever inch of her and barely covered her crotch. I was honestly shocked she could move without tearing her clothes.

I started towards her when she told me to stop and came up to me and pushed me against the door I had just closed and dropped to her knees just like Jody had done the month before. Kim ripped at my button-fly and pulled out my cock which had been hard from the moment I had seen her in her super tight outfit. As always with Kim my cock felt bigger and harder then when I was alone, just being with her made me feel like more of a man.

Kim took most of my cock in her mouth without preamble and began to suck for all she was worth, and let me tell you Kim was worth her weight in gold.

I was so horny it was all I could do to not cum in her mouth right then and there but I knew that Kim was playing out some fantasy she had and I was not about to ruin it. Kim grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head so I grabbed her hair. I love her long flowing hair and digging my fingers into it while she goes down on me was one of my favorite things to do. I had never fucked Kim’s face, I had always let her control the blow job but I knew that she wanted me to take charge and fuck her beautiful mouth the way I had Jody’s.

I began to push her closer to me and then pull her back by her hair, finally I held her head still by her hair and began to thrust my hips at her. I was shocked at how well Kim was taking my thrusts, I had to be shoving a good 7 inches of cock down her throat. Kim had always been an amazing cocksucker but she had never taken more than 6 inches of it.

Finally I got so close to cumming that I had to pull her greedy mouth off of my cock before I lost my load down her throat.

I remembered the fantasy Kim had told me about right before I left for NCU, when we had first talked about me fucking other women and I told her I had wondered what it would be like to fuck this one model who was maybe 200 pounds and about Kim’s height but older than her. Kim had gotten so hot as she told me what she imagined me doing to the woman and I knew I had to try it with Kim.

I pulled her to her feet and over to the back of the couch in front of the fireplace. I stood her there and began to kiss her hard and passionately. then I grabbed the neck of her tank top and pulled down at the place she had cut it open. I got even more turned on hearing the fabric rip and seeing her breasts and belly spill out of their tight restraint. I then pulled her too small bra up over her head and watched as her breasts tumbled free.

I pushed her so that she leaned over the back of the couch and reached for her skirt, instead of pulling it down I yanked it up so that it looked more like a belt than a skirt. I looked at her black mesh covered ass and wondered if she would really want me to go on with the fantasy.


I spanked her left ass cheek and waited a second to see how she would react. Not only had I never spanked Kim, but other that Jody, I had never been physically aggressive with a woman before and I was not sure how she would take it.

Kim wiggled her ass at me and I took that to mean she wanted more.





I began to spank her ass harder and harder wondering when she would tell me to stop but all she did was wiggle and moan. She was saying “yes” and “more” and “spank me baby” over and over. It was driving me wild to see her so out of control with her tits hanging over the front of the couch and her fat beautiful ass starting to turn red under the mesh of the tights.

After about five minutes of smacking her ass I knew I had to fuck her or go insane. I pulled a condom out of my front pocket where I had stuck it when I left my dorm room. I still had my jeans on, my cock poking out of the fly and I knew that this was part of Kim’s fantasy, that I be so hot for her, so desperate to fuck her that I didn’t even wait to get them off. I put it on and started to finger her cunt through the tights, which is when I realized that Kim had shaved her pussy.

Kim had asked me tons of questions of what I had thought of Jody’s bare pussy after we fucked and I admitted that I had not really had time to see it or even pay attention to how it felt since we had gone at it so fast the one time we fucked. Now here she was with her round soft mound smooth as could be and it was driving me insane.

I knew what she wanted, I wanted it too, so I dug my fingers into the crotch of the tights and pulled until they gave way, ripping a hole in them big enough to expose her bare pussy. Normally I would have played with her until she came at least once and then fucked her crazy but I knew that that was not part of her fantasy this time. She wanted me to take her the way I had Jody, rough and fast.

So I gave her what she wanted.

I grabbed her hips and slid my swollen dick into her soaking wet hole. My god she was tight! I had thought that Jody was tight but Kim made her seem loose in comparison.

I began to pound and pound away at her, digging my fingers into her full round hips. I felt the tights run under my fingers and remembering how hot the ripped tights had looked on Jody I started to work my fingers into the runs and ripped away at them. I fucked Kim hard and ran my hands down her thighs and tore at the tights until they were full of holes.

Kim was groaning and screaming, “Fuck me, fuck my cunt harder, Fuck me good baby, fuck me damn it.” I had never heard her so wild and it pushed me closer to the edge, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up then ground myself into her.

Suddenly I could not help it, I began to cum and cum, I pumped into her a few more times and nearly passed out.

Kim was panting and pulling at her nipples and I knew she wanted to cum so bad it was driving her insane. I had never had sex with Kim when I did not make sure she came and this was not going to be the first time.

I pulled out of her and turned her around and pushed her so she was sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide and then I dropped down between those fat thighs bulging out of the torn tights. I buried my face in her freshly shaven pussy and began to eat her out the way I knew she liked, licking her fast and then latching onto her clitty and sucking for all I was worth. Kim began to thrash almost immediately and all I could do was hold on as she bucked those huge hips against me.

As her orgasm subsided I pulled my soaking wet face out of her pussy and crawled up next to her and gathered her shaking body in my arms.

“Oh my god baby that was amazing, I felt so out of control, you were so strong and it was amazing when you tore my top off, I felt so female.” Kim told me as she kissed my face and then licked her juices off of my chin.

I knew I would not want to be this rough with her all the time, but I also knew that we had reached a different stage in our relationship and would be trying more stuff as time went on. For now we had about 16 hours until I had to show up at my parents’ farm and I planned to use every minute of it to just fill myself with her and to make damn sure she would think of me everyday until Christmas break when I would be back for a month and would have the excuse of working for her again to justify being at her place for hours on end.

Maybe I could get her to make herself a too tight little Mrs. Santa outfit for me to unwrap.