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A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 01

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I met her because the car broke down…if the car had been running, I would not have needed to take the bus. It was the summer after my graduation from high school and I was doing the fast food job thing to pay for my beer, guitar strings and the constant repairs needed by my ’73 Datsun. Since my “band” actually spent more money then we made, the burger joint job was a necessity. Therefore I found myself on the bus to the mall, wearing brown polyester pants and a white t shirt, sweating and basically looking at my absolute most dweebish, which is quite an accomplishment when you are a 5’11” 160 pound glasses-wearing teenager with long stringy red hair. Because of this I had no illusions that she would sit next to me.

I noticed her as we pulled up to the stop of course. What guy my age would not notice her? She was right about my age and had the kind of body that eighteen year olds don’t not notice. Her hair was long and brown and framed a cute rounded face that had an almost elfin look to it. But even as I thought about how great she looked I was dismissing my chances. I was actually quite shy around girls and the only time I ever showed any confidence was with a six-string in my hands. My friends would tell me that so and so liked me or something to that effect but I almost never believed them. Sure I got some looks when we would play a party or something but I always thought it was just because of my playing. After all, the lead singer gets all the girls, right? So I put my head back down into my book of Jim Morrison poetry and forgot all about the looker that was stepping up towards the driver and paying her fare.

“Hi, can I sit here?” said the voice, as I looked back up with surprise.

“ Sure, “ I stammered, “ if you don’t mind the company.”

She smiled and slid down into the seat beside me, “ I really would rather sit back here than up front with the old ladies and besides I think I know you, “ she said. “ Aren’t you the lead guitar player for Assassination? I saw you guys at Trisha’s party out by Lake Jennings last week and I thought you were just great….”

I suddenly realized that this gorgeous brunette goddess was actually acting like she was nervous to be talking to me, rather than the other way around. “ Yeah, that’s me,” I said, feeling a little comfortable to be talking about a safe subject, “but I think that was more like two or three weeks ago wasn’t it?”

“ I thought it was you,” she said. Her smile got wider and showed a little hint of teeth. “ You’re really very good, you know. We all thought so.”

“Thanks, I admit to being pretty proud of my chops but I’m surprised I don’t remember seeing you, I mean, someone as prett…err, an attractive girl like you I mean.” Damn it! C’mon Lance, I think she might actually like you, just spit it out! “What I mean is…. I just think…I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I don’t talk well but you know what I mean, ya know?”

“ I think I catch your drift,” she said with a mischievous smile. “I’m not surprised you didn’t see me. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and I was feeling a little down so I kinda hung back a bit. Anyway, my name is Gena, with an “e” not an “i”, what’s yours?”

“ I’m Lance…”

For the next half hour I mostly managed to keep my foot out of my mouth and sound somewhat intelligent. We even exchanged phone numbers when I got off at the mall. I told her I would call her when I got off work. That was the longest 6-hour shift ever!

Eventually it did end and I snagged a ride home from Sandy, who teased me all the way about why I was all smiles. She even leaned over and kissed my cheek, winked and gave me a sly “Good luck” when she dropped me off. Was I really so transparent?

Dad wasn’t home, but that was not a real surprise. He’d had a tendency to stay at his favorite watering hole ‘til closing ever since Mom left. The good news on that was no problems making a phone call this late at night. I dialed while saying a silent prayer that she hadn’t been playing a trick and I was going to get some pizza place or something. The voice I was afraid of not hearing answered the phone. “ Hi, Gena with an e, “ I said, feeling much more confident with the phone as an insulator, “ it’s Lance.”

“ I know that silly,” she giggled, “I was waiting for you….”

One whole month! That was my thought as I pulled up in front of her house to pick up Gena. I’d been dating the girl of my dreams for a whole month! Not just dating, but going together even. It seemed like my whole life was perfect. Beautiful girlfriend, best friend at work who I could bounce ideas off of without seeming like a geek and even rehearsals had been smooth. Sean and Jimmy hadn’t fought about anything in weeks! I noticed her parent’s car was gone so I pulled into the driveway, turned off the engine and grabbed the flowers Sandy had made me buy.

“Believe me Lance,” Sandy had advised, “she’ll like it, even if she did tell you not to make a big deal out of tonight…”

“Hey baby, “ Gena said as she met me at the door, “looks like we have a change of plans…Sean’s mom and dad are making him baby-sit so Janet is gonna keep him company and we’re on our own. Oh, are those for me?” She took the flowers and planted a big kiss right on me. (Thanks, Sandy!) “ My mom and dad went out for dinner so we can do whatever we want.”

“ OK, so what were you thinking,” I asked. Gena took my hand and led me into the house.

“What about just ordering a pizza and snuggling up to watch a movie here, ” she suggested. “Unless you’re afraid of me…….” Here we go again! Gena’s number one game the last couple of weeks had been teasing me about my virginity. So maybe it was a little odd for a guy to be an eighteen-year-old virgin, but I had reasons! It wasn’t like I didn’t want to go there, it was just a matter of priorities and opportunity. But ever since she had figured it out, Gena made it seem like I was scared.

Awright, maybe I was a little shy about it, but I wasn’t scared! My last girlfriend and I had even gone down on each other, an admission that had raised an interesting expression to Gena’s face when I made it, along with that little half grin that had so intrigued me that day on the bus. Gena and I had done some pretty heavy making out and she knew I wanted to go further, but neither of us was overly fond of the back seat bit. Plus my Dad had uncharacteristically been staying home a lot.

Gena had been very open about the fact that she was not new at sex. While she wasn’t a tramp by any means she was also proud that she was not a “tease”. What she meant by that was she didn’t do or say anything she was not willing to follow through to its logical conclusion. We had actually got as far as taking each others tops off last week (God she had awesome tits!) and she had kissed her way slowly down my chest, gently laughing about my “little red curls”.

The lower she got the more the muscles in my legs tensed up until I was actually shaking a little bit. I leaned back on her bed and played with the white strap of her lacy bra, tracing her slight tan line with my finger nail and marveling at how smooth and soft her skin was and caressing the muscles in her back. Gena took Tae-Kwan-Do twice a week and it kept her in very good shape. Weird that if it ever came down to it my girlfriend could probably kick my ass!

All such thoughts were suddenly lost as she reached the edge of my 501’s. She looked up straight into my eyes, took the two sides in opposite hands and pop, pop, pop, pop! She giggled at me as she reached in and wrapped her hand around me through my boxers. My back arched just the slightest bit as she gently squeezed and whispered huskily, “Well at least I know you’ve been paying attention….” Paying attention? I could have pounded nails with it! She looked deep into my eyes, licked her lips and…we heard a car pull into the driveway!

“Holy shit!” she said as she sprang up and we rushed to get clothes back on, then hurried back to the front of the house and plopped down on the couch in front of the TV just as her father turned the knob and walked into the foyer.

We hadn’t really had a chance to be alone since then until just now, and even the memory was enough to give me a little rush of blood to a certain place, which she of course picked up on immediately.

“Pizza is optional, of course,” she whispered as she moved into my arms and put her head against my shoulder, “ as is the movie…” She nipped the side of my neck lightly with her teeth and I knew I was in for it if I came up with some feeble excuse this time. I put my arms around her waist and swung her into a kiss in my best Hollywood style, taking advantage of the height difference and trying to be more like Clark Gable than one of the Three Stooges.

“OK, but let’s be careful to listen for your parents. It’s 7:30 already and I don’t want to get caught.”

“Don’t worry baby, my mom thinks you’re the perfect gentleman remember? They may not trust me but they trust you…why don’t you get out of that stupid uniform and into the stuff you brought to go out in?”

This reminded me that I had come from work and was still dressed in hideous brown polyester and a hairnet (don’t laugh! I told you my hair was long.) “Yeah, it’s in the back seat. What time will you parent’s be home anyway?”

“Not until 10:30 or 11:00 at the earliest. It’s their anniversary too. So we have plenty of time.”

“Can I take a shower then?” I asked, “ I smell like grease and I feel slimy.” I shut the door and dropped my backpack with my jeans and stuff on the tile of the entryway.

“Sure, “ called Gena from the kitchen around the corner, “actually I’d prefer it. Use mom and dad’s room. And don’t worry. I won’t peek. Much.”

As I stood in the steam and wet of the shower I took deep breaths and tried to calm down. Time to admit it to myself. I’m scared. At least a little bit. But I’m also very excited: maybe too excited. Glancing down at myself I wonder if maybe I should do something to make sure things don’t end too quickly. No, I think she would be upset if she knew and I don’t know how she won’t figure it out. I get a hard-on just kissing her so I’m sure it will seem odd if I don’t respond the way I did last week. Besides, how stupid would it be to jack off in the shower when I’ve got a wet dream in the living room?

As I turn off the water and grab a towel, I realize that I’m disappointed she didn’t peek. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe she isn’t planning what I think and maybe I’m not as sexy to her as I think I am. Damn! I forgot a change of underwear. Well, I’d rather go commando than put back on these things I’ve been sweating over the grill in for the last few hours. I button my jeans and pull a black Henley over my head, wondering if she’ll care.

I walked down the hall and into the living room with the towel over my head, rubbing furiously. Problem with long hair is it takes forever to dry….”hey G, where ya at?” I call as I walk through the arch into living/dining/kitchen area.

“On the couch, lover,” she responds, “drop the towel and come here…”

The kitchen light is still on and it spills into the living room over the breakfast bar. It combines with the glow of the TV screen to create a soft warmth that is dim but not dark. Gena has her arm over the back of the couch and is turned to face me with the light reflecting from her hazel eyes. In this light her hair looks almost black and it frames her pretty face. It has the effect of making her lips look redder and fuller and for a second she looks like that girl Dave Stevens used for the girlfriend in that Rocketeer comic, Betty something, a pinup from the fifties.

She has on something purple and shiny, and as I walk towards her I realize she has no intention of us going out, not wearing that! She looks fantastic! The purple satin turns to lace across her chest and I realize there is no bra there, just Gena. The panties match, with high cut sides edged in that same lace.

As I walk around the couch I have no words except, “Wow!” I take her hands and hold her arms out and pull her up to my chest, where I am hyper aware of two hard points pressing through satin and black cotton to grind against me as I slide my arms around her waist. I kiss her with an urgency that I’ve never felt before, fiercely pulling her as though I could actually pull her inside me to make one person. I flick my tongue against her lips with a question and she answers by opening her mouth and we begin a little wrestling match, warm and wet, one which I finish by gliding the tip across her teeth before gasping for air. I dare to slide my hands down and cup her cheeks as I give one more hard squeeze. We collapse into the couch accompanied by a low moan of pleasure and I’m sure that the twin light sources in the room are dimmed by my smile.

As she leans into me and I give a playful hug I realize that the moan was too low. “Uh, Gena, what are we watching?”

“Shhh, just watch. I like it as a warm up….” On the TV screen a muscular man is leaning against a counter while a petite blond runs her tongue up one side of his cock and then down the other, then back up to make a little circle on the tip before plunging him deep into the back of her throat. His is the moan I heard, with the volume turned almost off so it didn’t register at first. “It’s my dads’. Watch how she does it. Everything she does I’m about to do to you….everything.” The little blond on the screen was moving quicker now, long smooth strokes. The guys’ hands were grabbing the edges of the counter so hard it looked like his fingers would gouge the tile. Suddenly I started to replace my fear with something else.

Gena’s hands were moving up under my shirt and rubbing my chest as she kissed my neck and ears. “ I almost came (smack) into the shower (smack) and stopped you from getting dressed, but I (a nibble at my earlobe) decided I would rather shock you (slurp) with this….lift your arms baby…(my shirt comes over my head)…and I think I rather like your reaction (giggle).” She started to kiss her way down like the other day.

On the TV the blond was making his long thick piece disappear completely into her mouth, with the tip of her nose coming to rest against his stomach at every down stroke. I laughed as Gena’s tongue flicked into my naval. “ Honey, if you do that, I won’t be able to hold back.”

She had reached the top of my jeans again, and she paused and looked up into my eyes, “Good,” she whispered, “ cause I want to know what it tastes like, and you shouldn’t be the only one that does something new tonight.” Pop, pop, pop, pop! “Why you son of a bitch, acting all surprised like you didn’t know what I was gonna do tonight….” She said this last with a hint of amusement, like she wasn’t angry at all but very pleased.

I could feel the warmth of her breath against my skin as she made a motion to let me know to lift my hips, and as she slid my pant legs over my bare feet and threw the jeans behind her she pressed her tongue hard and flat against the base of my cock and licked up to the tip like it was a Popsicle on an august afternoon. I swear to God I almost came right there! Like she knew it she rocked back and got down on her knees in front of the couch, kissing my legs and thighs without ever actually putting her mouth on my hardness that she was gently grasping at the base with three fingers.

“Turn off the TV,” I told her, “ I just want to watch you.” She smiled that little half smile at me, stood up, walked over and stopped the tape just as the guy hooked his arms under the blond and lifted her onto that counter. For just a second she was silhouetted against the white noise screen of the static and I shivered at how sexy she looked.

She turned back to me, crossed her arms at her waist and peeled the camisole top over her head while somehow managing to keep one arm across her breasts, blocking my view. She let out a soft laugh while she threw the top at my face, and when I brushed it aside I got my first unfettered view of her magnificent chest. The pink around he nipples was larger than I thought it would be, or maybe it just seemed so because the skin around it was so pale in this area that Apollo never touched. The tan lines on her back were muted because she would untie the strap while she lay on her belly, but these beauties had rarely seen the sun. Her teats looked hard as rocks and she gave a little shriek when I grabbed her and pulled them to my lips one at a time, flicking with my tongue and watching them quiver.

“ Later, “ she said, “or I’ll lose track of what I’m doing right now.” As she said it she dropped gently back to her knees and nudged my legs wider apart. “I’ve got something I really want to try.”

“Christ, Gena, you act like we’ve got forever. I don’t think I could stand it if we were interrupted now.”

“Oh, that,” she smirked, “Well, I did lie a little. Sean and Janet aren’t babysitting, and my parents are in Palm Springs for the weekend. Now shut up and let me concentrate.”

She ran her tongue down my stomach and then took me lightly in just the tips of her fingers and kissed me right on the tip of the head. Then she swirled her tongue down to the shaft in a circular motion until the head popped gently into her mouth, and she gave a sudden suck.

“Oh god, Gena, oh yeah,” I gasped. She gathered saliva into her mouth and went down the side with wet lips and the tip of her tongue tracing a triple path of wetness, continuing around my cock until it was thinly coated with her spit and on her next trip down she grasped me in her fist and slowly pumped while her tongue and lips dropped down to nuzzle my balls for a few seconds, just long enough to make me want it more.

Looking up at me with a gleam in her eyes, she ran her tongue slowly back up the under side to the tip, closed her eyes and plunged me into the back of her throat. I gasped as my hips rose involuntarily and I squeezed the couch cushions hard between my fingers so I wouldn’t grab the back of her head. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt, and I knew I was in trouble because I could tell by the firm circle of her lips that she had not even got halfway down.

Her head bobbed back up and I could feel the insides of her cheeks as she exhaled the breath that she had been holding. I could feel how her lips were hugging me and how she was using them to keep from scraping me with her teeth. But most all I felt her incredible tongue flattened around the bottom of my shaft and tickling the ridge left by my circumcision. She brought herself back up until I almost was out of her mouth and then went back down, going a little further each time.

As I watched I felt both exhilarated and a little detached, like I could not believe that this was happening to me tonight. Each time her lips went lower I could feel more of the sides of her mouth and it got a little tighter towards the tip, and each time my hips raised slightly more and I squeezed harder. Then my legs starting tensing and I knew I was close.

“ Baby, I can’t hold back any longer, it’s gonna happen,” I said in an almost whisper, since I couldn’t catch enough breath to say it louder.”

“I want you to baby, I want to taste it, cum in my mouth, Please!” After she said it, she took me back in her mouth, but not so deep, with her lips just onto the shaft and the head resting against her tongue. Then she pumped the shaft with her hand quickly and I knew I was done.

My hands had to hold her as my back arched, so I grabbed at her shoulders, and held my scream of release back down in my throat for fear that the whole neighborhood would hear. My beautiful girlfriend just closed her eyes and milked me into her mouth, by far the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Finally my convulsions stopped, and she pulled me out of her mouth slowly and gently. Then to my surprise, she actually swished my cum around in her mouth like she was at a wine tasting, with a look of concentration on her face.