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Together For The First Time

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They met online, innocently enough. Both were living quiet, introspective lives, mostly hidden away for the world’s view. They were equally private and somewhat shy people, yet with an untouched abyss of emotional feelings that neither of them could ever imagine was about to be unleashed between them.

Each had inadvertently stumbled onto the literary website and had begun to read the variety of erotic stories presented there. He was older, widowed and for all intents and purposes, alone and isolated. His children were scattered across the country and around the world. He had never even thought about the dating scene and when several of the single and even married women he knew in their small community had dropped hints of invitation, he brushed them off, usually without even realizing what they were proposing.

She was twenty and had graduated from High School a year previously. Her first year in college did not live up to all the hype and hoopla. She was pretty and petite, and when “dressed up” was quite a stunner. Yet her social life was minimal.

She had dated one of the football team members for only a few weeks, after which time she was completely revolted by his arrogance, stupidity, and his crass vulgarity. Since she had made it clear that she wasn’t going to “come across with the goodies”, he was very happy to let her go when she finally gave him his marching orders. They had had a few “intimate” moments without any invasion of privacy and she had not been left with the most pleasant memories of that particular basic sexual tryst.

The literary website had a small chat-room attached to it, and they both ventured in one evening out of idle curiosity, arriving at the same time, when no-one else was present. They said a quick “Hello” and shared the information that they were new to the site, new to the chat-room and new to this whole type of literary experience.

They laughed with each other a little as they joking explained their mild embarrassment at some of what they had been reading, but both agreed it was a new and refreshing look at life though the eyes of some of the authors. They discussed a little private information and, in spite of their age difference, they were surprised at the immediate and warm connection they found with each other. After a little more time of small talk, they took their leave of each other, promising to come back on the following evening and say hello again and report back on any article on the site that had been especially meaningful to them.

Thus began their “online relationship”. There was never anything suggestive or offensive between them, but very quickly, each of them knew that their feelings for the other were changing and rapidly moving beyond the “friendship” stage.

Little by little, small terms of endearment crept into their conversations and personal, more intimate details were added and openly discussed between them.

After several weeks, they surprised each other in their chat one evening when they began to share details of where they actually lived. They laughed uproariously when they learned that they were no more than about an hour’s drive away from each other. One thing led to another and they were soon agreeing to meet on the next Saturday, two weeks away, and have lunch together. As they prepared to part for the evening, he emphasized his age again and told her he would quite understand if she wanted to change her mind. She in turn reminded him of her age, and offered him the opportunity to re-consider as well.

Both protested vigorously and the day and time was set. They offered their “Good-nights” and both left their computers happier and feeling more alive than they had been for quite some time.

Saturday finally arrived and not surprisingly, both cars pulled into the car-park of the family restaurant almost simultaneously.

She parked at one of the far end spaces and he pulled into the one next to her, so that his car door was adjacent to her driver- side door. Neither had given much thought as to how they were going to greet each other, but as they stepped out of the vehicles, each opened their arms in a signal of embrace. They hugged tightly and kissed lightly as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Neither felt embarrassed by the intimacy and hugged once again with an added kiss, this one a little longer and more personal than the first.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you at last face to face”, she whispered, as if afraid someone might overhear them

“Yes it is” he replied, and with a laugh he added “and more like lips to lips. I hope I haven’t overstepped any mark?”

“Of course not ” she replied cheerfully, “how else would two best friends greet each other than with a nice hug and a very sweet kiss.”

The emphasis she placed on the word “very” was not lost on him, nor was she unaware that he was still lightly holding her fingertips with his.

“Well”, he continued, “we did meet for lunch. Ready?”

She nodded her head in approval and they headed towards the entrance of the restaurant. The sign at the door advised everyone to “seat yourself”, so they looked around and found a booth at the far end of the dining room, beside the front windows. The waitress took their drink order and suggested the cheeseburger and fries as their most popular dish and left them alone.

They sat quietly for a few moments—each simply looking at the other and impounding mental images into their brains for future recall. The girl thought her date was anything but “old” as he had described himself. She looked again at him and decided that he was more “distinguished” and “dignified” and he was certainly still very good looking and very charming. Not at all like the uncouth, foul-mouthed morons she had to deal with in college and she liked the fact that he had held the door open for her as they walked in and that he had waited for her to sit down first before he did.

Meanwhile he was looking at her with awe and almost juvenile adoration. He agreed to himself that yes she was petite but strikingly beautiful and as for being , in her own words, “ordinary”, she was anything bought. Attractive, sophisticated, mature beyond her years, confident without the aggressive harshness of many career women he had met over the years.

Their conversation turned lively and interesting and for the next two hours they chatted and laughed about a variety of topics, only allowing themselves to be interrupted by the waitress providing refills. Not long into the date, after they had finished their meal, they had gingerly reached across the table and held each other’s fingertips again.

“Are you sure I’m not overstepping any boundaries?” he asked quietly, then added: “The last thing in the world I would want to do is be offensive and pushy, but holding your hand for me just feels so natural at the moment.”

She reached out and intertwined her fingers with his, tightening her grip and smilingly said: “There, does that let you know I want you to hold my hand? And I am going to be very bold and say that between us right now, I don’t sense any need for boundaries.” With those words, she lifted his hand to her mouth, look into his eyes and gently kissed each fingertip.

When she had finished, he took both her hands in his, and lifting them to his lips, caressed each one softly with the tip of his tongue, and then looking straight into her eyes , he said: “Well I guess I’m not leaving you in any doubt that I have come to look on you as more than just someone I know.”

She furtively looked around the restaurant and realizing that it was now empty, she half stood up, leaned across the table, took his face in her hands, and kissed him on the lips. As they continued the kiss, she opened her mouth and pushed open his lips and in an instant their tongues were caressing each other, not in some wild, unbridled fashion, but softly and tenderly.

She released him and sat back down at her place and lowered her head. In a whispered tone, she asked him: “Have I overstepped your boundaries?”

He reached across and lifting her chin, he leaned towards her and returned her kiss, and then holding her hands again in his asked: “Will we go find some better privacy?”

She nodded quickly; he called the waitress for the check, paid the bill, and they left the restaurant, heading towards the parked cars.

A wet, soaking drizzle had started while they were eating, and it had now increased into a steady downpour. As they reached his car, a large four-door sedan, she grabbed him by the arm and called out: “Would you mind if we sat in the back?”

He nodded his head, clicked the automatic door-locking device and held open the back door so she could scramble in out of what was now a torrential downpour. He settled beside her, and seeing her shivering from the cold, reached across to the passenger front seat and grabbed a heavy blanket which he always kept there in case of winter breakdowns, and opening it up fully, he threw it over both of their knees and pulled it up towards her chin.

She smiled her thanks to him and snuggled as close to his side as she could. He put his arms around her shoulders and through her wet blouse could feel her breasts on his chest.

He reached across and took her face in his right hand and looking tenderly into her eyes, he began to kiss her –softly and gently at first, but as she returned his kisses with her tongue, they both kissed and tongued each other more passionately. Suddenly, he broke away from her embrace and held her at arms length.

“I don’t want to start something we can’t finish.” he gasped as he continued to recover from their passion. “I’m beginning to want you more than with just a kiss or two.” He looked at her questioningly, but instead of answering him, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. As her cleavage appeared in the opening, she looked at him and said: “I have no intentions of starting this and not finishing.”

With her blouse fully unbuttoned and her black lace bra showing the outline of her breasts and hardening nipples. she moved closer to him again and, cupping his face in her hands, she kissed him with her lips and tongue in a long and inviting kiss that stirred him much more that he had been for years.

She released her tongue from his mouth and, keeping her lips close to his, she whispered: “I am still a virgin. And there is no -one else in this whole world I would rather give this gift to than you. I want you to be the one to deflower me and make me the woman I long to be for you.”

He took her back into his arms without saying a word, and between kisses, he slowly removed her blouse, unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor at their feet.

He cupped her breasts in his hands and began a slow circle around each nipple. Her hand had been at his neck and chest, now she let them fall to his crotch where she could easily feel his hard-on inside his pants.

She unbuckled his belt with some difficulty, he reached down and unzipped his pants for her and then gasped with the sheer pleasure of it as she worked her hand inside his shorts and took the whole of his shaft in her fingers.

She pulled herself away from his kiss, looked down at the thick shaft she was holding and whispered: “This isn’t only the first time for sex for me. it’s the first time I have been with a man in this way.”

Without saying a word, he returned them to their love-making as he continued to caress her breasts and nipples. She held his cock firmly in her hand and slowly worked it up and down in her fingers. Then she felt his hand slide down to her tummy as he unlatched her jeans and began to help her slide out of them. She continued to fill his mouth with gentle strokes of her tongue as she lifted her hips and he peeled off everything so she could kick them aside. As the same time, she easily removed his pants and boxers; he broke her kiss to peel off his golf-shirt and then covered their totally naked bodies with the large blanket.

Both knew the decision they had made was final.

They threw themselves into their passion with disregard for where they were or who might see them. They felt secure in the pouring rain and began their lovemaking with kisses and caresses that pushed both of them over the edge and towards the point of no-return.

She continued to work his cock in her fingers while he took turns on her breasts with his mouth and tongue.

Then again breaking free, he slipped his hand up her thigh until he found her already throbbing pussy lips and felt the bushy fur of her mound. Stroking up and down her slit, he could feel the juices dripping from her cunt.

He pushed her gently onto her back, spread her legs as best he could in the confined space and buried his mouth over the chasteness that was about to become his.

He pushed through the lips and found her clit which he massaged carefully with his tongue, then he began a deep penetration of her tunnel making her gasp and moan with each thrust inside her.

“Ohh Fuck!! Ohh Yes!!! Ohhh!!! Ohhh!! Fuck that feels so good.”

He withdrew his tongue, kissed her again on the point of her nose and said:

“Why don’t you go down and enjoy me?”

She sat up again and taking his quivering cock in her hands, she bent down and engulfed his shaft with her mouth. He could feel her tongue caress across the slit on the crown of his cock. Then her fingers played with his balls as she sucked him and licked him until he was almost ready for orgasm.

He lifted her head away from his throbbing cock and said:

“I think it’s time we really fucked before we lose it.”

He pushed her back down again and she stretched out almost her full length along the car seat. He placed himself between her legs and she lifted her heels up over his back.

Without either needing to guide it, his cock found her pussy lips, pushed them apart and the head penetrated slightly. She reacted nervously, then relaxed and he pushed further in. Very gently he withdrew a little and then thrust more deeply. As he finally pushed his whole shaft home, she cried out a little, then whispered:

“Keep going. I’m ok.”

Immediately together, they began their full fuck. He withdrew until only the tip of his cock was at her lips, then he plummeted back inside again filling her cunt to its full capacity. She was tight around his shaft, and they both enjoyed the tension that was building between their legs.

As he fucked in and out, she raised her hips to each thrust and the pleasure overtook them and soon he cried out:

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming….. I can’t stop.”

She wrapped her legs tighter around his back and cried out: “Oh fuck me…let it come… my whole cunt is throbbing … I think I’m cumming too.”

He thrust in and out several more times, then with one final great effort, he pressured his whole cock shaft into the deepest recesses of her virgin cunt, and shot stream after stream of his hot cum inside.

Her face was awash with sweat and as he pushed his shaft as far inside her as he could, she moaned :

“Oh fuck!! I loved it!! I loved it!! Thank you!! I loved it.”

He wiped the sweat away through her hair with his hand and, still gasping from his performance, whispered:

“No baby. It’s be should be thanking you. You were wonderful.”

She took his face again in her hands, kissed him softly on the lips and smiled as she whispered:

“Then we’d better do this again and often, just so we can thank each other every day.”

He said nothing, but collapsed into her arms, and soon with the beating rhythm of the rain, they feel asleep, no longer just friends, but lovers, satisfied and pleasured for the first time as true lovers should be.