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The Walking Orgasm Ch. 01


“Look Mrs. Robinson there is really nothing wrong with your baby, she has all the attributes of a healthy girl. But bring her back to see me in another 2 months.” The doctor said to my mother.

Two months later my mother took me back to the doctors and he affirmed that I was simply a healthy baby girl.

“It’s all to do with the way your body was using the hormones during the latter part of your pregnancy. Bring little Deborah back in 1 year and we will re-evaluate.” He told her and she just took his word for it and left. Apparently we moved to another town during that time so she never went back to see that doctor.

19 years later

My mother had repeated that story to me many times before she had passed away just after my 19th birthday and left me alone in this small house on the edge of town.

I remember like it was yesterday when Dad had left us, I was about 12 years old, he took off with a beautiful young woman to see the world, mother had said. But as I got older I realized that it wasn’t about seeing the world it was about seeing and enjoying her young body.

After Dad had left, I was the only one left for her to talk to and hear about all her trials and tribulations. Mother was always very open with me and told me everything, and I mean everything.

But me, well I was just a fairly quiet girl, fairly tall, slim and attractive with all the right curves my Mom would say. Out of earshot of anyone she called me ‘Debbie the walking orgasm’.

Now you may wonder why, but it may not be what you think, but I’ll tell you anyway. I have a VERY ENLARGED CLIT that is very easily aroused, if you look at half of your thumb then that’s about the size of it. Or in inches it’s about one and a quarter inches long and stands just over one inch high.

Its almost always fully exposed and so easily excited that in school I always used to have to wear a mini pad, like those panty liner things, just to pad it somewhat. Otherwise it would get so inflamed that it looked like a red beet.

But now for the last year anyway, I don’t wear those things unless I’m on my period. The result being that I may have to endure anywhere from six to twelve orgasms a day without even trying. If I try, then I’m usually so well primed anyway that it only takes a minute or so even with all my clothes on if I rub my engorged clit.

I left school at 19 years old after Mom had passed away and I went to work for Mr. Jacobs the family lawyer, in his office downtown. I had worked for him fulltime for several months but one day he walked into the backroom storage closet where I was working to organize all the piles and piles of closed files and I was like two seconds away from having one of those eye popping orgasms.

He knew immediately by the look on my face what was happening and within seconds he was behind me, pressing himself into me, holding me up and telling me that it was okay and to continue. Just the feel of him behind me was so comforting along with his soft-spoken words that it allowed me to finish off what had already started.

He just stood behind me with his erect cock pressing into the crack of my butt and held me for several minutes as I came down off my high.

“Don’t worry Debbie, it’s our secret, I won’t tell anyone.” Mr. Jacobs whispered in my ear and once I got my composure he left and never said another word about it that day. But later that week he asked me to work on the Saturday morning and told me that it was okay to dress casual because we were just going to setup the brand new storage area for files.

I arrived early on the Saturday morning dressed casually in a short skirt and a cutoff tanktop, then shortly after I had checked out the new storage area he arrived with two coffees and two fresh blueberry muffins. So then we ate, drank coffee and chatted; he was such a nice soft-spoken older married man who I figured was somewhere around 55 to 60 years old. I remember thinking at the time that Mr. Jacobs was older than my dad, but younger than my grandpa.

Both Mr. Jacobs and I got busy setting up the brand new legal file cabinets and then placing them where they would be the most appropriate. Next came the sorting tables, which were to be setup against a wall. On the wall over the table there was a white plastic board, the kind that you write on with black marker pens.

Once that was setup then my next task was to bring files from the storage closet and set them up in the appropriate file cabinets and make notations on the white plastic board. Needless to say I had to constantly lean right over the table to write on the wallboard. This entire action of leaning over the table was rubbing my clit over the edge of the table and getting me somewhat hot and bothered.

I think Mr. Jacobs had noticed the change in my facial expressions and he thought we should take a small break.

“Debbie, I haven’t seen you look like that since our little incident in the storage closet earlier this week. Not that I’m complaining either, you look beautiful with that dreamlike serene look on your face.” He said with a nice smile and I just didn’t know what to say.

“If you want Debbie, I can hold you like I did before and you can relieve yourself.” He said and he didn’t wait for an answer, he just came behind me and hugged me so gently that I felt there was no need to breakaway from his hold.

I could feel his warm breath on my neck and his hands were moving so slowly and so gently up and down my sides. Before I knew it they were sliding up and down either side of my breasts. I just leaned back into him and enjoyed his gentle massaging actions.

He let one hand slide down my side to my hip and kept slowly massaging the side of my breast with the other hand. Then his hand on my hip slowly slid across my bare tummy and firmly pulled me back so that I was tightly up against him and I could feel his erection against my butt cheeks.

Slowly his hand went lower and lower over the top of my skirt until he had his hand over my mound, which he held firmly as he pushed his erect cock up and down my crack.

Then I felt his fingers slowly slid down further as they went between my pussy lips and then back up again. I let out a huge sigh and pushed back against him as his fingers slid up and down over my clit. The feeling was wonderful; no one had ever had his or her hands on me there before.

“Oooooh god.” I cried out quietly as he continued stroking me and pushing himself against my butt. Then ever so quickly his hand left my breast and fumbled with his zipper.

Without missing a beat he lifted my skirt from behind and I felt his hard cock sliding between my crack as he continued to rub my clit. I was just seconds away from a huge orgasm and his hot breath was streaming over my neck every time he moaned loudly as he licked and sucked my earlobe and neck.

“Mmmm, oh my god, oooooh that’s so nice.” I cried out quietly.

Almost immediately I started to ride my wave of ecstasy as he started to pump his hot juices all over my crack and butt cheeks, which completely soaked my panties from behind after I had also soaked them from the front. I had never been this far with a man or a boy before.

He held me tightly against him and the feeling of togetherness, of being held by a comforting father figure of a man was wonderful. He never said a word as he tenderly kissed my neck and tweaked my right nipple, until we had both come down from our high.

“Oh my, that was fantastic Debbie, but we may have a cleaning bill.” He whispered in my ear and then chuckled.

“Mmmm, it sure was.” I said as I slowly kept pushing back into him and making all of that cum juice spread all over.

“I hope you don’t mind what we did Debbie?”

“Mmmm, it was so nice, Mr. Jacobs.” I told him.

“Then at some other time, would it be possible to do it again then Debbie?”

“Yes, I think so Mr. Jacobs. But right now I think I better go to the washroom and get out of these soggy panties.”

“I should accompany you, my pants need attention also.”


To be continued…