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The Subliminal Tape

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Mathew Kelley had just turned eighteen. He examined himself in the mirror. He looked like a Peter Parker, but with no cool superhero alter-ego. Matt was about 5’11” and only weighed about 130lbs. He had wavy brown hair that never seemed to obey his brush and piercing ice-blue eyes. He dressed usually in conservative button down shirts, and casual jeans.

Mathew was raised in a single parent home. His mother Norene was a reasonably attractive woman. She worked out several times a week, and still had a curvaceous firm figure. She was a pretty blonde with a slightly over-sized nose which gave her a hawkish look at times, and made Matt obey her firm commands when she was angry.

Matt had just rushed up to his room. His package had arrived. Matt had ordered a subliminal tape which was supposed to help him ‘turn on’ his power of charisma to attract beautiful women. He had ordered it on the internet, and paid with a money order by mail.

Once he was alone, he opened the box. Inside was a bunch of different instructional papers, but he didn’t bother reading them. There was a blurb on one of the papers stating Matt had received his subliminal tape and a free tape of the same type but a self-hypnosis version.

The tape’s label said it was a subliminal meditation tape. Matt knew that this was false. The website claimed it labeled the tape ‘meditation’ with many tapes that might prove embarrassing.

Matt tossed the tape into the small cassette radio on his desk. After a few seconds a man’s mature calm voice began speaking. “Hello, greetings and welcome. The tape you are about to experience,” Matt forwarded the tape. “Unlock the incredible healing powers of the mind.” Matt fast forwarded again, “Without effort, thought or strain.” Then silence.

The tape began playing a soothing music. Then the sound of surf was in the background. “I can deal with this–especially if it will help me pickup chicks,” Matt thought to himself.

Matt listened to the music while he did his homework. The music had a very calming affect upon Matt. Matt finished his homework and watched the TV with the sound muted and read the closed caption.

He began to have a strange tingling sensation on his body, especially his inner thighs. His pelvic muscles seemed to be spasming here and there. Then the music came to a close. The voice came back.

“Now begins the cautionary message you were told about. This message is in regard to the incredibly small percentage,” Matt hit the fast forward button.

Then the tape player clicked. He flipped the tape over and finished the other half while watching TV. Matt’s balls seemed to become super-heated, he couldn’t understand it.

Finally his mom knocked on his door. “Come on in mom,” he called out.

Matt realized that he had flipped the tape over several times and it was nearly 11pm. He had been listening to the tape for five hours! His head felt numb—like it was packed with wool.

“Honey I’m going to bed. What is that music?” Norene asked.

Matt responded “Its subliminal music mom. This is that package I ordered.”

“What is it supposed to do honey?” Norene asked him in a concerned parental way.

Matt grew a little red. “It’s for meditation, mom,” he lied.

“Well I hope it works honey, good night.” Matt turned off the tape and told his mom good night.

Matt suddenly realized he was famished! He had been in his room ever since dinner. He went down looking for food. Matt got a big 32oz bottle of water out of the fridge and grabbed the big roasting pan full of roast beef his mom had made for dinner. The remainder was probably enough for 8 people to have ample servings.

Matt was going to reheat some beef with potatoes & gravy, but a hunger pang so hard, quick and ferocious tore through him that he sat down and started eating the cold roast out of the baking pan. Ten minutes later everything was gone and he only felt satiated, not full.

Matt was incredibly tired, like he had run a marathon. Stumbling up the stairs, he went into his bedroom and flopped into bed and shut his eyes and slept. A few hours later Matt woke up shivering, his window was open.

But it was spring and was only supposed to be about 60 degrees tonight. His teeth were chattering! It was like his body wasn’t generating enough energy to keep him heated!

Matt grabbed his electric blanket out of the closet, plugged it in, then turned the selector on high and spread it out on his bed. Then he threw a comforter over that and climbed in. Finally his teeth stopped chattering and he fell asleep…again.

Matt woke up with pain shooting through his entire groin, but especially his dick! “Arrgh!” he shouted! It was light outside. He flipped up the covers and pulled up the stretchy band on his shorts to look at his dick.

He couldn’t believe his eyes! His dick was about eight inches long and looked incredibly swollen and tender and red! His dick was so long its head was even with his belly-button!

There was also a kind of spottiness to it. Some parts of the skin looked like new skin–very pale and looked baby-bottom smooth. It appeared almost as if his dick had grown new skin overnight!

“What’s wrong honey?” Norene came into Matt’s room.

“Ugh, nothing mom–just a leg cramp.”

“Are you okay sweetie?” Matt assured his mom that he was fine–but he was far from it!

Matt’s mom left his room. The pain was almost crippling! Matt started to think fast. Why was so much blood in his dick? How did you get rid of a hardon? He thought of jacking off, but he thought it might be too tender.

Matt figured if he exercised, maybe his body would need the blood more than his dick and his hardon would go down.

Matt started doing jumping jacks but these only made his swollen sensitive dick rub against his shorts. Then he decided to get on the stationary bike. After a few bad starts that hurt his cock, he finally was able to start pedaling on high tension.

After about two minutes it seemed to be working! He could hear his heart thumping in his ears and his dick was going down! “Bye sweetie, I’m leaving!” Norene called through his door.

Finally Matt got off the bike, and opened his shorts to look. His dick was no longer hard, but was only a tad smaller than it had been. It looked gigantic.

Normally Matt’s soft state was maybe a couple of inches. But his cock now appeared to be taking up every spare inch and more in his shorts. It was thick and long and had thick gnarly veins running near the base.

Matt grabbed his clothes for the day and went to the bathroom for his shower. The hot water seemed to help Matt’s problem some.

When Matt stepped out of the shower his dick seemed to be as soft as it was going to get and was about as long as his dick used to be when a full-blown woody! Matt guessed it was between five and a half and six inches long.

It also looked thicker than any of his previous hardons! Apparently, in addition to his dick now being generally larger, whatever had caused this had also transformed him from a grower to a shower.

Matt didn’t understand, but didn’t have time to worry about this right now. The radio-clock in the bathroom said he had about five minutes to comb his hair, dress, pack his lunch and go!

Matt dressed in a hurry. He actually had a hard time zipping up due to the bulge in his pants. Matt finished packing his lunch and looked in the vanity mirror.

His bulge was very evident! He started thinking about switching to sweats, but he heard the bus horn go off. Damn, he was just going to have to hope nobody noticed.

Matt realized that was a long-shot. Many of the girls and some of the boys seemed to be eyeing his new package.

He tried not to pay any attention to them. Matt grabbed a seat by himself away from the window and next to the aisle, to avoid as much stimulation as possible and to be alone. The benches behind & in front were empty, and two girls were across the aisle from him.

At the next stop Mandy Conners moved from a seat further up and came up to him. “Can you scoot in Matt?” Mandy requested amiably.

“Um sure, I guess,” Matt replied, having his plan to be alone spoiled.

Mandy lived about ten houses down from Matt on the same street. Mandy looked like a cross between Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Jennifer Anniston, but rolled back ten years in age.

“Hi Matt!” Mandy beamed a wide-lipped smile at him. He smiled back and said hi meekly. Her eyes glanced briefly at his crotch. It happened so fast Matt wasn’t sure if it had happened or not.

“So what’s new Matt? You look different today! Have you been working out? Something about you really stands out today!”

Matt heard a snicker from the bench in front of him and Mandy. Crap, Becky and Amy had moved into the vacant bench in front of him!

Becky and Amy were two of the biggest flirts and trouble makers in the school. The two girls were seniors like Matt and Mandy. They were also on the cheerleading team and wore their uniforms all the time, even when no cheering was going on.

Amy was a tall slim leggy blonde with small pert titties, blue eyes and a mischievous smile. Becky was a short, brown-eyed, wide-hipped, big-tittied tanned brunette who was more sensual than anything.

“Yeah you look different Matt! What could it be?” said Amy staring brazenly straight at his crotch.

“You do seem a little ‘pumped up’ today Matt.” Becky gave him a genuinely affectionate grin with her wide full lips.

“Don’t pay attention to them Matt! They’re just little sluts, that’s all!” Mandy smiled supportively and placed her hand on his knee. “We’re just all a little curious why you would come onto the bus in your condition?”

“With a big boner!” said Amy. Matt heard two girls behind him snicker.

Matt turned to look and two beautiful blonde girls were now in the bench behind him & Mandy. The two girls were in some of his classes and also seniors, but he didn’t know their names.

Matt was now surrounded by five sexy girls, and they were talking about his junk! He wasn’t sure how long he could keep from popping a boner! He would have moved, but Mandy was in his way.

“I’m not hard,” Matt mumbled.

“What? I didn’t hear you!” Amy said moving her head closer.

“I said I’m not hard!” Matt spoke up, and all the girls broke into a fit of laughter.

“I don’t believe you!” Amy said. “It looks huge! Either you’re hard or you stuffed something in your pants!” Amy looked smug, like she thought she knew all there was to know about dicks and she must be right.

“No, I’m not hard and I’m not stuffing! Just leave me alone before I do get hard!”

“Mmmm promises promises,” Amy said. “Prove it! I want to see this big sausage you’re packing!”

“Cool it Amy! Relax Matt, don’t listen to her she’s just a slut!” Mandy stated. Amy made a damn-right face.

Mandy moved in close to Matt and whispered in his ear “I’ll tell you what. Just show me, and we’ll leave you be. We have you boxed in, nobody can see. How bout it?”

Mandy’s breath was blowing into his ear and Matt decided he better agree before he started getting a woody. He placed his books standing up sideways between their laps as a shield.

He looked into Mandy’s beautiful eyes, and then looked down at his belt. Mandy held the books for him as he used both hands and Matt began undoing his belt.

Matt decided it wouldn’t be too bad just to show Mandy. He unzipped his pants and opened the top of his pants like bending back strips on a banana. “Oh my god!” Mandy could clearly see the outline of his cock in his briefs.

“What? What? I can’t see!” said Amy. Matt reached in and pulled the band of his briefs outward so that Mandy could look down and into his briefs. He heard a gasp from above him! Shit he had forgotten about the girls behind him!

“You two sit down back there!” shouted the bus driver. The two girls who had been standing behind Matt sat in their seats and could no longer look into his briefs.

“My god Matt, you were telling the truth! It’s beautiful!” Mandy quickly reached in and caressed the shaft with one fingertip.

“NO!” Matt whispered and let go of the band of his underwear. Unfortunately this pinned Mandy’s hand against his shaft.

“My god it’s so thick! And it’s not even hard!” Mandy said with a conspiratorial tone looking at Amy and Becky. Mandy squeezed his shaft and Matt moaned. What Matt was dreading began happening. He started to get hard!

“No stop, please!” Matt pleaded.

“MMMM,” Mandy said as she dragged her hand across Matt’s hardening dick as she withdrew her hand from his briefs.

As he got hard the head burst through the top of the briefs right behind Mandy’s hand and rose and rose until it was even with his belly button. Now Amy and Becky could see his dickhead and the top part of his dick outlined in his briefs!

“My god his head is bigger than a plum!” Amy admired. Their lustful gazes stoked the fires of Matt’s own lust. It was kind of a turn-on for them to be so enthralled with his junk.

“I said sit down back there!” Amy and Becky turned around and slid from their knees to their butts on the seats.

“Now, look what you’ve done. You have to help me!” Matt pleaded. “Please walk in front of me Mandy until it goes down? Please?”

“Only if you let me touch it again during lunch!” Mandy nibbled on his ear.

“O-Okay, I guess.”

Matt wasn’t sure if it was due to somebody else touching his cock for the first time or not, but his dick seemed much more sensitive than ever before.

The bus stopped. They were at school! Matt zipped up his pants quickly. Matt’s dickhead was rubbing against the denim of his jeans–pushing against his belt. The sensation was killing him!

Matt walked off the bus right behind Mandy with his books to one side as a shield while keeping Mandy in front of him. They walked the halls together.

Finally after several minutes his hardon began leaving. They had reached Matt’s locker and Mandy’s was down the hall “Well bye Matt, see you later big boy!” Finally his cock had deflated, as much as it was going to anyway.

Matt made it through to lunch, barely. In every one of his morning classes he had one of the five girls who had viewed his dick on the bus.

Whenever they caught his eye, they would lick their lips lewdly or wink, or pantomime giving a bj. He saw them talking conspiratorially with other girls. It seemed like his reputation was spreading like wildfire.

He saw Mandy in the cafeteria, but she didn’t have any food and wasn’t in line either. She waved him over to the table she was sitting at with a bunch of her friends. Amy and Mandy were there with a couple of plain-looking girls he didn’t recognize.

As Matt got closer he picked up on their conversation: “When it got hard his dickhead poked OVER the waistband of his briefs, it was even with his belly-button!” stated Amy.

“Is this true Matt?” One of the plain-looking girls asked him.

“I guess so,” he mumbled.

Mandy grabbed his hand “come with me Matt.”

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you big boy!” she said teasingly with a big smile on her face to giggles from the table.

She led him in front of the girls’ locker room. “Wait! I can’t go in there!” Matt protested.

“It’s empty dummy! It’s lunch!” Mandy shoved him in. She led him down several turns among banks of lockers. He couldn’t remember the way out. Matt saw a glass enclosed office that over-saw the entire locker room.

Matt seemed to smell the scent of young women. Between that and the thought that hundreds of teen girls changed here everyday he was starting to become turned on.

Finally they entered the shower. A couple more turns and they were at the most secluded part of the girls’ locker room.

“Okay big boy! You promised I could touch it again for helping to shield you, so let’s see that big piece of meat, stud!” She grinned at him, her beauty stunning.

“Help I wouldn’t have needed if it weren’t for you I hope you know,” Matt challenged. Mandy walked up to him and rested her hand on his dick through his pants.

“I’m sorry for touching you stud, I just couldn’t help myself!” She teased. “If you want I won’t ever touch your dick again,” she gave him a squeeze and removed her hand.

“No, that’s okay I don’t mind.” Matt replied suddenly alarmed that all of Mandy’s attention was going to stop.

“That’s what I thought you’d say big boy! Now get these pants off! I’m dying to see this thing without anybody else around.” Matt really looked at Mandy for a change.

Normally Matt was shy and would never have found the courage to speak to a girl like Mandy, let alone look her in the eye while she asked to see and touch his cock.

For some reason he felt really emboldened and confident. “No. Beg for it.”

Mandy grinned at him, walked up and rubbed his chest. She looked into his eyes playfully. In a little girl voice she said,”can I pwease see your biiiig cock Mr. bigstuwff?”

“Oh okay.” He reached for his buckle.

“NO! I want to do it.” Mandy put her hands on his belt and began working the extra strap back through the loop. Then she unsnapped his pants. Matt started feeling a hardon coming on in anticipation. He didn’t know what he was anticipating, but he knew it would be fun.

Mandy opened his zipper and lowered his jeans. She gave a wolf whistle when she saw his junk through his briefs. “God that’s hot big-boy.”

Then she grabbed his briefs and slid them down slowly, bending her knees as she went. Matt’s hardening cock flopped out and almost hit Mandy in the face. “Wow, that thing is dangerous! Good thing I like danger!” She smiled appreciatively at Matt.

Matt was beginning to feel more comfortable with Mandy; she really enjoyed eyeballing his huge meat. Under her attentive gaze his dick grew into a full-on woody.

Normally his hardon was about twice as thick as a high-liter. After his mysterious change, it was about as thick as a bottle of beer. Mandy extended her hand and gripped Matt’s cock softly.

“Oh.” Waves of pleasure shot through Matt as he felt Mandy’s smooth soft fingers play around on his engorged tool. Her fingers looked and felt so tiny against his hard dick. The fingers of her hand barely met around his aroused twitching cock. “Mmmm Mandy that feels really good.”

Mandy started stroking it, “Fuck it’s so damn big! I just love touching it!” She beamed a smile at him. “I can’t believe it’s so big!”

She maneuvered to a better position to stroke him, getting down on one knee. She looked up at him with those beautiful eyes, her face no more than ten inches from his swollen dickhead.

“Um oh god that’s good Mandy” His dickhead was swollen, dark and angry looking and was leaking precum. The base of Matt’s dick was covered in thick gnarly veins–it almost looked like tentacles were climbing up his dick from the base. The spottiness was gone now, all the skin the same hue.

“Wait.” He pulled her hand off his throbbing dick. “Let me see your tits. It’s only fair.”

“Who do you think you are Mr. Bigstuff?” she mockingly sung that song from the fast-food commercial. Mandy whipped off her t-shirt, then her front-clasp bra. Finally they were swinging free. They looked to be about small C cups. They were full, firm and soft-looking and pale and had a great heft and sway to them as she moved.

“Wow they’re great!” Mandy was on both knees now, and started stroking him with both hands. Matt’s eyes were bugging out at Mandy’s firm tits swaying and shimmying. With his pants around his knees, Matt lost his balance and stepped forward making his dickhead skid across Mandy’s silky tits. “Oh god!”

“You like that big-boy?” Mandy started jerking him faster rubbing his sensitive head all over her creamy soft tits, as she fondled his balls with her other hand.

“Oh fuck! Ohmygod Mandy!” A strong spasm clenched Matt’s balls. A thick creamy jet of cum streaked out and hit Mandy full in the face–striking her right cheek, ear and continuing into her hair.