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Team Spirit Ch. 02

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It looked like I was sitting on the knob of a policeman’s ebony trucheon. Grasping my bent knees with both hands, he shunted another inch inside my clasping cunt.

“Oh! God!” I cried out as the rock, hard cock forced its way inside my tight channel.

“I got a lot more for you baby, a lot more!” and he jammed more of his cock into me.

“It’s tooo big!” I groaned, but he just laughed and kept wiggling more of his huge pole into me, at the same time reaching with his fingers and scooting my clit around with his big thumb. It felt so good, it kind of made me forget about the hot pain in my virgin pussy, so much so, in fact, that I just sort of splattered down on his steel hard boner with all my might.

Talk about seeing stars! I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry, I was so stuffed. I just held my breath and stared down at my pussy in amazement. All I could see were his big hard balls. Everything else was crammed up my cunt. I could feel every pulsing vein and ridge on his thick shaft. I could see my belly button distending from the cock throbs inside me. I was like pregnant with cock.

“Oh shit!” Jason said, gritting his teeth. “You have the tightest pussy! Look how much dick it takes, baby.”

He slowly slid out the entire length of his penis. It just glided out for what seemed like an eternity, all slippery with my pussy juice and flecked with dots of red from my busted cherry, I guess, God, it looked so enormous!

As much as my pussy ached, I was dying to have it back inside me. Evidently, Jason felt the same way, because he jammed it back into me, a full-length thrust that crushed my pussy lips inward and pounded up into my womb.

“Ohhhhh!” I cried out, woth a growing sense of pleasure.

He started to work my pussy like he was trying to put out a fire, pounding his black rod into me like a greasy oil drill, going deeper and deeper into my wet hole. The faster he slammed up into me, the wetter I became, until our genitals slurped and smacked and made the crudest sounds I’d ever heard.

“Shit girl, I could fuck this pussy all night long!” he gasped.

“DO it then,” I urged him on. “Don’t stop! It’s so wild!”

He took my hand and held it over my stomach so that I could feel his monsterous cock packing out my womb and suddenly I was cumming like crazy, crying out with the most intense sexual feelings I ever had. A second orgasm followed right on the heels of the first, aided by the sudden explosion of cum inside my tender channel as Jason’s cock swelled and burst inside me, feeding my belly with his burning jizz. We both shouted and clawed eachother and finally his semen soaked piston slipped out of my gaping cunt-hole and I fell off to the side of the sofa, breathless, my whole body tingling with erotic desire.

I figured he was used up, but to my astonishment he scooted over to me on the sofa, rubbing his flaccid slimy cock across my face. I was so turned on , I practically swallowed his whole gooey cock with my eager mouth, at least until it started to grow, which was like in two seconds.

When he was fully erect again, he had me kneel on the sofa with my little butt sticking up and he pounded me doggie style until I came a third time, digging my fingernails into the pillow and thrashing my ass back to meet his powerful thrusts.

“Gonna! Slam! Dunk! Your ass! Okay Anna!” he gasped out between strokes.

I was so crazy horny that I was like, whatever, even though I didn’t know what he was talking about. It wasn’t until his cock slipped out of my pussy and I felt the bloated oily head roaming between my taunt asscheeks that I realized what he was talking about.

“That’s not going to work!” I said with alarm as he tried to fit his long-sized cock up into my tight butt-hole. “Please Jason!”

“Just a second honey,” he said, and I saw him dash off towards the bathroom, his big dick jutting out from his muscular thighs like a flagpole, bumping against his abdomen as he walked.

He returned seconds later with a jar of Vasaline from the medicine cabinet. His black cock, already wet and shiny from my pussy juice, now had a glistening sheen like marble. He glopped out more Vaseline and greased his pole some more, than leaned between my cheeks to lick my anus.

“Oh man! That’s such a cute little button,” he said, slurping away like a starving dog. “Let me slick up your chute.”

He forced a smeary middle finger up my taunt asshole and wiggled it around inside. It didn’t hurt, but it felt extreme, and I told him I wasn’t sure but I don’t think he heard me because within seconds he was again pressing against my asshole with that fat gleaming gland. I felt my tight rubbery anal ring expanding and expanding, and expanding, on and on until I felt like my entire body was open wide.

As he pushed his hot pulsing rod deeper into my anus he kept talking and moaning, saying how sweet a girl I was, asking me if I liked having his cock up my ass. I was biting my lower lip so hard that I was afraid to open my mouth and just kept making these little whimpers of agreement. Then I thought of our school and the team and my duty to my peers. I imagined the cheers of the crowd as we did our routine at halfcourt and felt warm and happy at what I had done for the squad.

“Ungggggh! Tight ass! Damn!.” He said.

I twisted my neck as far as I could to look back and could just see Jason’s contorted face, his teeth bared, brow all srunched, beads of sweat dripiing off his chin onto my ass cheeks where he had firmly planted his big hands to maintain leverage as he stuffed my anal tunnel with more of his Vaseline slickened rod. Then a broad smile creased his lips and i felt his coarse pubic hairs scraping against my butt. I was chewing on my fist by then.

Jason reached up under my loosened bra and began to tweak my nipples, swirling them between his thumb and forefinger until they grew hard and round. I guess I was making these foreign sounds because Jason kept nibbling my ear and neck, whispering “What’s that ya say baby? You like Jason’s big black cock up your ass? Huh baby Huh?”

Every time he would ask, he would slam his hips forward, grinding that thick piston deep in my bowels. I was like, “Uh huh, Uh huh,” still biting my fist, but totally enjoying the growing waves of pleasure that started out from my nipples and somehow connected with my wet pussy and throbbing asshole. In a blink of an eye,I felt like my body had become one single giant erogenous zone. I guess that relaxed my rectum because Jason really started to hammer my butt then, railing into my tight ass like some lust crazy stallion, making his own sounds above the squishy, sloppy sounds comming from my sore, fucked asshole.

Every few minutes he would withdraw completely and I would feel this massive emptiness and the cool air rushing up my bowels, just breezing in past my gaping bung which felt like an opened manhole, all gooey with Vaseline and pre-cum and my own smelly anal juices. Then he’d thunder right back in, angling himself up high so that his rod gained even deeper access to my pulsing narrow chute. Each time he did this the pleasure grew until soon I was dilerious with erotic sensations.

“Oh! Yes! Fuck my ASS!”

“Gonna take it to the hole….yeah….take it to the -argggggghhhhhh!”

His cock swelled even larger inside of me, than burst. I couldn’t believe his balls held so much cum, as his fiery semen coated the tender inner walls of my rectum I cam again, frantically screaming with uncontrolled joy as he continued to spurt cum into my overflowing ass. When he at last popped out of me , I felt a gush of jizz pour out of my oval anal ring.

Jason laid on the sofa, breathless and sweaty, and I turned to see the contented smile on his face, his leaky rod curled up upon his thigh like a black water hose.

“Shit, Anna, you’re the hottest thing I ever boned,” he said playfully slapping me on the ass. “You really relaxed me.”

“Thanks,” I said , not knowing how else to respond to his compliment, but proud none the less that I carried out the plot so well.

My teammates couldn’t believe that he fucked me three more times- twice more in the ass, but I didn’t tell them about the anal sex. I don’t know some things should just be private. Anyway the next day I was so wiped out I overslept, and almost missed the game.

Jason , however, seemed rejuvenated. When he saw me in my cheerleader’s outfit underneath the basket he smiled and winked. Then he went on to tourch our team for 48 points, gaining the victory and eliminating us from the playoffs. I guess our plan backfired big time, but I didn’t really care because two days later, Jason called and asked me if he could come over to the apartment and see me. I said yes, of course, secretly hoping that his season would never end!