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Seducing College Virgins

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Steve’s specialty was the seduction and corruption of inexperienced, innocent, virginal young women, and his position at the university allowed him to meet many such beauties, who had often just moved out on their own for the first time after high school.

The excitement of corrupting an innocent beauty was often enhanced when there was a bit of competition, a choice for the girl to make between simple, sweet purity, and simply bad Steve. If the competitor’s heart could be broken in the process – well, very, very exciting to know one’s conquest would be an exquisite sorrow for someone else!

The situation this term was perfect. Jackie was a perfect nymph, just moved to the city from a small town. Just finished high school. From a religious family. The only other student this year from the same town was a young man named Garry, and the two were obviously good friends.

Jackie was 5’8″, 95 pounds, a slim ballerina’s or gymnast’s physique, just on the threshold of being anorexic, small firm breasts often hidden under a loose t-shirt, and waist-length golden blonde hair. She had large deep blue eyes, almost violet, a full mouth with plump lips that were so soft and red that she often appeared to be wearing a moist lip gloss even though she wore no makeup at all. Her skin was silky smooth, unblemished except for a scattering of light freckles around her nose. Her complexion was quite pale, and most who knew her felt she would look better with a little more colour.

But she was a very modest, gentle person, with a happy, sweetly thoughtful disposition and an easy laugh. She was quiet and a little shy, but always warm. She devoted a lot of her time to her church, and to volunteering for charities.

The first phase of my plan was to befriend Garry, her small-town buddy. Garry was basically an average Joe, only his name was Garry. Nice enough guy, quite bright, but average in every other way: ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Not very confident. But I learned quickly that he was totally in love with Jackie. Not a surprise, really—who wouldn’t be? They’d been friends since early childhood, and only now were they on the verge of starting to date. He showed me notebooks full of love letters devoted to her, but he’d never had the courage yet to share any of them with her. Cute. Apparently she had held hands with him for the first time last week, just for a minute. And they’d leaned towards each other, obviously contemplating a kiss, but she pulled away with a little smile at the last minute, and said “let’s see each other again next week after we’ve settled on campus.”

I knew I had to act quickly.

I found out which charity she was going to start volunteering at, made sure to be there an hour before her, and had some of my many contacts vouch for me being active in all sorts of volunteering.

So that’s where we met – I was feeding a demented 95-year-old lady some soup, while holding her shaky hand. Luckily my charm worked well on the elderly too, because the old lady obviously appreciated my attention, to the admiration of the surrounding staff. Jackie was introduced to me, and my hand lingered for a fraction of a second on hers after the introduction.

We’d made sure to arrange a delay in the campus shuttle bus, which allowed me to offer Jackie a ride home later.

This was the first of numerous such encounters around the campus, and very soon Jackie and I were friends. I learned all about her past, her family, her personality, and her friendship with Garry. She confessed to me that she planned to marry him, that they had been friends for years and that she knew it was the right thing to do, especially since Garry liked her so much.

“But what do YOU want, Jackie?” I asked, gently reaching for her hand. We had settled strategically at my place, where she was visiting for the first time. It was 8:00 P.M. I had made her some mint tea.

The moistening in her eyes showed the slightest bit of ambivalence. I knew it was time.

“I have a confession for you too…I’m in love with you. Ever since I first saw you. You and Garry have a great friendship in my opinion, but you and I are made for each other. You and I will have passion, every moment for the rest of our lives…”

It helped to have very good looks and good self-confidence when saying stuff like this. And I’d worked hard at the volunteering and all that crap to make her feel compatible with me. I even surprised her at a two church services, where I volunteered to read the scripture passage one week, and a story for kids the next!

The ambivalence in her eyes was priceless. She was obviously considering my invitation very seriously.

“What do we do?” she asked it a halting voice.

“We make love, right now…”

She blushed. Beet red. Incredibly cute. But a suspenseful pause followed. I didn’t know if she would just get up and bolt out of the room.

Our eyes met. She was trembling a bit. Her shaky hand reached for a little gold cross she wore around her neck.

“God approves of love, Jackie” I said. “You know, I’ve always gone to church” (well I was fibbing a bit), “but only when I met you have I really felt that I’m truly born again.”

This kind of religious bullshit always made me nauseous, but she totally fell for it. And actually I really did feel “born again” in a way.

She leaned just a fraction of an inch towards me, and I knew this was the sign of compliance I was waiting for.

I led her by the hand to my bedroom, and as I entered I turned on the remote video cameras mounted in the ceiling and walls, focussing at different angles on the bed. I had arranged for a group of my buddies to have a little party at Garry’s place, and I had arranged for the video to be transmitted live to Garry’s big-screen TV, where it would interrupt the football game.

I love that moment of standing together just before the first contact.

“Will you let me teach you, Jackie?”

I could see some relief in her face as I asked, and as she quickly nodded. She was a virgin, and literally didn’t know anything about what to do. But she was so sexy, every movement she made seethed with sensuality, and her voice was a soft, sensual purr.

“The first thing, Jackie, is we can’t have any inhibitions about making love. That means there can’t be any limits about what we do, or what we say.”

She nodded a little. She seemed to understand.

“I want to fuck you now, Jackie.”

The f-word rattled her a bit, and she grabbed her cross again. But then she let go, and looked a little bolder. “Let’s fuck.” she said. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to be my first. I love you, Steve.”

Priceless. And she was beaming straight into the camera, which caught it all in full close-up. And we hadn’t even kissed yet!

“Jackie, I’m totally devoted to you, and for this to be right for me, I need to know that you and Garry will never be together. I need you to renounce Garry forever. Just like the disciples of Jesus had to leave behind everything to become part of the 12.”

Such drama is so remarkably well-received by girls like Jackie, but it was of course a big gamble. She paused, and had a wonderful moment of wavering again…I could sense her conscience mulling over my ultimatum…

Finally she spoke. Again, she was beautifully posed, with her face beaming right into the hidden camera that was behind my shoulder.

“I renounce Garry forever. God will look after him. I promise never to speak to him again. My plans to spend my life with Garry, and to be his girlfriend, and his wife, are over. I want to be with you instead.”

With that I pulled her towards me. I said to her “kiss me like you would have kissed Garry on your next date.”

She smiled a little, leaned forward, and gave me a soft, sweet little kiss on my cheek, the camera catching every detail in slow-motion. Then we really we kissed. I’m a big fan of deep kissing, and this was exquisite. Despite her inexperience, she was immediately receptive to my tongue deeply throbbing into her mouth, and her lips churned and massaged my tongue, lips, and surrounding face, with a hungry zeal. Our teeth bumped against each other’s a few times, and I love that feeling of blending so deeply into someone’s body. I knew I’d found the jackpot, an untouched, pure, innocent tigress kissing her first man. The camera caught our kiss in a long, exquisite, screen-wide close up, showing the frenzy of our mouths and tongues against each other, with the occasionally dribble of spit dripping down our chins. It’s so nice to kiss a girl who has immaculate hygiene, because her mouth was sweet-tasting, so good I was literally drinking up her fluids already.

I undressed her, top to bottom, with her shyly looking into my eyes, a big blush after I removed each layer. We took time for more deep kisses each time we took something off. Each little newly exposed layer of skin was perfect: her exquisite, graceful, skinny arms and hands, with a tiny amount of light downy blonde hair that she didn’t need to shave. Her perfectly-shaped skinny legs, so thin that I could almost wrap my whole hand around her lower thighs. Her delicate shapely small feet, immaculately clean and dainty, her little toes arching with anticipation as we stood. Then I took off her bra: her breasts were small, but so firm that each entire breast seemed to have an erection. Her areolas and nipples were unusually large, especially for such small breasts, and they both formed secondary mounds which jutted out stiffly. She kept up waves of blushing as I touched and pinched her breasts, first gently, then a little more firmly. I knelt down, nibbled and sucked on each nipple a little bit, just enough to leave little bite marks on her formerly unblemished body.

Finally we were both naked. The last thing to be removed was my underwear, and when they dropped my cock was literally vibrating and pulsing with my racing heart. We had another lengthy kiss. I love that moment of being naked together for the first time, kissing, standing up.

Every time my stiff cock rubbed up against her, I sensed a little pang of anxiety in her. Finally, I eased her gently down onto the center of the bed, and again she blushed deeply, forming a beautiful contrast of colors, with her golden hair, her deep blue eyes tinged violet from her blush, and her pink, soft, pristine skin.

I gently pulled apart her legs, bending them at the knees, and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. I kneeled, positioning my cock at the entrance to her exquisite vagina.

I had reached for a condom as she watched me closely, and had rolled it securely over my cock. This confident act always puts shy virgins much more at ease. But at the last minute, as she prepared anxiously for me to enter her, I put the next stage of my plan in gear.

“Jackie, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I want us to make love without a condom. I don’t want anything to stand between us. I’ll pull out.” Well, that last part was a little fib.

She paused again. Then to my surprise, she sat up herself, reached for my cock, and with surprising ease, pulled off my condom. As a finishing touch, when the condom was almost off, she smiled a bit, stooped down, and sucked the last bit of condom off my cock using her mouth, tossing the condom towards the camera with a coy little smile.

She leaned back and spread her legs. “I want you. Just you. No condom.”

I leaned forward and eased my cock into her. She moaned and gasped, with a bit of discomfort mixed with nervous excitement. I took my time.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, I worked my way through her hymen and worked my cock all the way into her. As her hymen tore, her cunt went into some rhythmic spasms that gripped my cock so tightly that I almost blew my load right then.

We stayed together, my cock buried to the hilt inside her body, almost motionless, for about another 10 minutes. During this time we did a lot more deep kissing, but also just savouring that perfect sensation of a virgin cunt.

I don’t like to spend too much time fucking. People who can last a very long time have probably jacked off too many times in the past day anyhow. I had saved up a big load over the whole past week, especially for Jackie.

Jackie knew my time was coming, and she looked a little nervous again. “Are you going to pull out now? I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I paused.

“Jackie, I want to come inside you. Everything about this is right…I want us to share each other forever, let me come in you…”

She was unsure for another moment. I was just starting to pull out, with a feigned look of disappointment on my face.

The beauty of her personality was that she was so exquisitely eager-to-please. She immediately sensed my little disappointment, and wanted to please me, at any cost!

So she nodded, and with one hand reached around my back and pulled me towards her again.

I paused this time. “Ask me for it, Jackie.”

“Come inside me, Steve” she said in an incredible sexy purr, looking straight into my eyes.

I paused some more…”Beg me for it.” I smiled a little.

“Come inside me, fill me with come, come, come, come, fill me up, shoot your load in me…” she rose her voice with more and more energy and urgency. She didn’t want to let me down.

Finally I arched up, pressing my pelvis into hers with all my might, and bore down. This time I was the one who blushed, with the energy of my exertion. She gasped too, as I bottomed out, grabbing her thighs and pulling them back, pushing my cock against her flowery little cervix deep inside. There was a split second when we were motionless and silent in that position.

My cock exploded into her cunt, and pumped volley after volley of hot come into her. The camera was able to focus in on my cock in her cunt, and could see the powerful waves of force rippling through the base of my cock as it spurted, and little leaks of cum dripping out, dripping down onto her ass, and onto the bedsheets, mixed with a little bit of rosy hymenal blood and her other fluids. A microphone installed just under the base of the mattress captured the repeated, rhythmic sounds of my semen squirting into her under pressure, forcing its way through her virgin cervix, the backpressure squirting some of it back out. It was the thick, white, copious load of a prodigious big-balled man who had a lot of eager sperm built up inside over a period of weeks.

I collapsed on top of her, sweaty, and under my weight she had a hard time breathing, but wrapped her legs around my ass, squeezing the last drops of my cum into her, not wanting our fucking to end.

Normally I like to take off after I’ve fucked a new girl, but this time I stuck around. I rolled off her a few minutes later, to let the camera get a good look at her gaping cunt, oozing cum, blood, and mucus, her whole groin also reddened from all the friction.

I thought cuddling her for a while would make for some good film footage. So we lay in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing each other, for a few minutes. She had tears in her eyes as she held me to her, and frequently she would reach down to hold herself between her legs, as though to keep more of my cum inside her.

“Jackie, you were divine…let’s do it again” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes. Fuck me again, Steve.” She was clearly into it, and gave me and the camera another sexy smile. She spread her legs for me, and pulled me to her again.

This time, though, I wanted something different.

“Turn on your stomach now, sweetheart” I asked.

She eagerly complied, anticipating a new posture she’d probably read about in a Women’s magazine.

She naturally assumed an all-fours position, skinny, bony ass high in the air, back curved steeply like a gymnast, a few ribs neatly showing through her slim physique, her glorious mane of golden hair draping like a curtain onto the bed, as she looked back at me, again straight into the camera lens, beaming with her twinkly blue eyes as she moaned, “fuck me again, Steve”.

I took a moment to study the scene, and to let the camera soak it in too. She gyrated a bit, moving her ass invitingly back and forth, which was a huge turn-on. My cock was rock hard again as I positioned myself behind her and thrust into her vagina, this time faster and with more force. The weight of my body thrusting against hers sent her swaying on the bed, until she braced herself more firmly with her arms. The movements she did with her very flexible back and pelvis gave me a wonderful cock massage, and her cunt was also delightfully tight, and seemed to have a responsive musculature that would grip me strongly with each movement.

She came repeatedly this time round, each time with a body-wide flushing of her skin, a series of loud gasps, moans, and swears. I love hearing a previously innocent young woman swearing during sex for the first time, and she was a natural.

During her third orgasm I pulled out, and started rubbing my damp cockhead against the delicate little pucker of her anus. At first she thought I was just taking a break, but then I asked her,

“Jackie, would you like me to fuck your ass now?”

She was again in a state of ambivalence, her body and morals saying no to the advancing pressure, but her new devotion to me and eagerness to please swaying her to comply with my request.

Again I feigned a disappointed withdrawal, at which point she compensated by boldly speaking up: “Fuck my ass Steve. I’m ready. Be gentle…”

“Keep asking me, sweety” I told her, resuming my pressure.

“Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass.” She chanted over and over, gasping in-between with discomfort as my cock pressed against her asshole.

Finally when you fuck a girl’s ass you just have to push yourself in, with a little pop. And so it was, I grabbed her around her skinny waist, and plunged my stiff cock deeply into her anus. It was such a shock for her that she screamed out, and almost fainted.

But then I was still inside of her, and we both calmed down, and got used to the new posture. My cock was so tightly squeezed that I worried about it getting stuck inside of her. But then, that wouldn’t have been such a bad fate. Slowly I started pumping a little, bringing on a new set of gasps and yelps from her, then I sped up, gave a few very hard thrusts, and blew another huge load into her ass.

I collapsed on her, and fell asleep for about half an hour.

Then I got up to go, and just before taking off I stood in front of the hidden camera and said “hey Garry, thanks for introducing me to your friend. She’s a pretty half-decent lay!”

I turned around, looked over her sleeping figure sprawled on the messy bed, and jacked off over her, spraying one last fountain of semen over her face before I zipped up my fly and left.

Over the next few months, she kept calling me, so I finally gave in and saw her regularly. But a condition of my fucking her was that she had to fuck my friends when I asked her to. In the process I earned a few extra bucks, and I got a kick out of seeing her with other guys, especially some of the gross, fat, nerdy guys from whom I got private info about new students from the computer department.

But once she’d been with other guys much, I lost interest in her, and I knew it was time to move on.

Never did hear from Garry. But the video became a cornerstone of the university’s erotic library. We did a simultaneous video of the look on Garry’s face as he saw me fucking his girl, and when we edited the footage together, it made for a lovely piece of art. Heartbreakingly beautiful.